The most appropriate meal plan will be a plan that offers weekly visits consistent with the number of meals you would eat on campus each week. Most Freshmen and Sophomores select the 15 Meal plan while Juniors and Seniors select the 10 Meal Plan.

Visit the Office of Resident Life & Housing, located in the Centenary building to fill out a meal plan change form. If you have any questions call (423) 614-6000 or e-mail

Flex Dollars are accepted at all dining locations on campus.

Lee Dining Services offers the convenience of using one of your meals anytime at our retail dining locations on campus. Your meal may be exchanged for $4.05 towards your purchase. If your transaction total is more than $4.05, you may use your flex, declining balance or cash to pay for the difference. You may use meal equivalency 4 swipes per day with a 1 hour restriction between each swipe at all retail locations.

Flex dollars are the funds in each meal plan set aside for flexible use. You may use them for friends without meal plans to dine with you or at any other dining location. All Lee Dining Services locations accept Flex Dollars.

Only the Deacon Jones Dining Hall accepts the meals from the Unlimited meal plan. You can use the $100 flex dollars at any of our dining locations.

Flex Dollars expire at the end of the Spring semester.

Only the Deacon Jones Dining Hall accepts the 75 Commuter Plan Meals.  You may use the $75 Commuter Flex Dollars at any of our dining locations.

Traditional Meal Plans include a set number of visits per week to the Deacon Jones Dining Hall (ie. 15 Meal Plan gives you 15 Meals per week). Meal visits reset on Saturday morning of each week so you start the week off fully loaded. For students who do not want usage restrictions on their meal plan, we created the Unlimited Meal Plan.