Meal Plans

Lee University Dining offers voluntary meal plans for on-campus and commuter students. We use student IDs as part of the campus wide card system for meal plan usage. Students are required to swipe their IDs in order to dine at all our locations on campus. Meals are non-transferable and may be used only by the meal plan participant. 

We offer the convenience of Meal Equivalency where you can use one of your meal swipes anytime at our retail dining locations on campus. Your meal can be exchanged for $4.05 towards your purchase. If your transaction total is more than $4.05, you can use your Flex Dollars, Burgundy Bucks or cash/credit card to pay the difference. 

On campus and commuter students have the option of choosing from our Unlimited, Traditional or Commuter Meal Plans. If would like to purchase a meal plan or make a change to the plan you have already selected, please contact the Office of Residential Life & Housing at (423) 614-6000 or email 

Unlimited Meal Plan: Plan A  
This meal plan comes with $105 Flex Dollars - $1,900/Semester. Continuous dining all day, every day at the Deacon Jones Dining Hall. This meal plan is perfect for anyone who wants unlimited meals. It is by far the BEST meal plan for the hungry student or student athlete. No meal equivalency available on this plan.

Traditional Meal Plans: Plan B  
21 Meals/Week with $35 Flex Dollars - $1,885/Semester

Traditional Meal Plans: Plan C  
15 Meals/Week with $65 Flex Dollars - $1,815/Semester

Traditional Meal Plans: Plan D  
10 Meals/Week with $125 Flex Dollars - $1,675/ Semester

 Commuter Meal Plans  

75 Meals/Semester with $75 Flex Dollars - $515/Semester. This plan is ideal for those commuter students who are on campus a few days a week. The 75 Meals may be used at Deacon Jones Dining Hall only. The $75 Flex can be used at all retail locations. Available for commuters only.

Burgundy Bucks are just like cash- dollar for dollar. This is money you add to your Lee ID card for additional dining spending. The advantage is that you dine tax-free on meal purchases. Your Burgundy Bucks funds are accepted at all on-campus dining locations. You can add money to your Burgundy Bucks account from our website or at any of our dining locations. Available for all students, but freshmen need to be on a meal plan as well.

Lee Dining Services can accommodate special dietary requirements. Just call us at (423) 614-8584 or come visit the office located inside the Deacon Jones Dining Hall.